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Diversions 4/11

Have come across a few things which might be of interest to those wandering by:

Like it says on the tin: Roddy McDowall reads HP Lovecraft, this one being "The Hound" but others await.

David McCallum reads "The Rats in the Walls" also by Lovecraft.

These recordings do a lot to make the source material sing. Maybe Lovecraft intended these to be read aloud all along?

Note that this one, in particular, uses racist language that was not uncommon to HPL's output but reads really differently today.

An animatronic T-Rex suffers an ignominious end at the hands of an elemental force. Whole sequence here:

Rodion GA from Romania, get the whole story here: (via Ned Raggett.)

I'll try to do a few more posts like this, break up the monotony of self-promotion here.

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