Yeah, I know. Cloth doesn't work like that. Well, in all my copious free time, I'm reading comics again. Of course, being me, I'm not reading regular comics that people are talking about now. I'm reading old comics. And I'm not even reading the old comics that people who talk about old comics are reading. I'm just reading weird stuff. Like SABRE. For those of you who don't know, SABRE started out as a graphic novel back before the term even existed. It was created by Don MacGregor and Paul Gulacy, published by a very young Eclipse comics, well before MIRACLEMAN and such (given that's what they're most remembered for these days, which is a shame since they put out a range of diverse and brave


Yeah, it's been a couple months. Oh, you could've been getting that free content over at Twitter in the meantime. I've been posting all kinds of crazy stuff over there, long research threads, music video impromptu DJ sets, confessionals, photography, you know, giving that value to Jack instead of keeping it here where I could be raking in all that sweet ad revenue. Oh, wait. I don't have any ads here. I'm not counting your clicks. Dammit. I knew I was doing something wrong. Maybe a lotta things. Sounds about my speed. Anyways, came to the conclusion that it's time for a break from Twitter. Probably was a long time ago, but sometimes I'm dense and it takes awhile for the message to get throug

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