So this is a 2018 wrap-up. Let's take a look, shall we? Work from a project that's still sort of in limbo. Probably spent too much time on it, but wow is it ever pretty. Based on a cartoon done up by a friend. Kind of a fresh, loose thing. Nice to do these from time to time and not freak out about detail levels. Staying on brand once again. Inspired by a project I came up with last year. Maybe I'll even write it this year. Unfortunately, it's best as a comic and those are too expensive to take on lightly. Ah, yes. The huge, multi-stage project, the smallest step of which was creating up a reusable alphabet made of neon tubes. Educational, in terms of dealing with the physical media (which I


I'd really meant to get more done over the holidays, but like all pure and good intentions, it was about as meaningful as a sugarcube in a downpour. So I've been doing pre-writing on the thing that's currently called VOIDMAW. I'm sure a better, more compelling title will come to me while I'm writing it. But then I said that about QUEEN OF NO TOMORROWS, and all that happened with that was the omission of a THE at the beginning. By the by, QUEEN OF NO TOMORROWS is available now, both as an ebook and real world physical book. You can order it here. As always, if you order direct from the publisher, you pay a touch more, but all the money goes to them (as opposed to however much going to Amazon.


So, a special addition to the QONT influence map, the one influence behind all others, yet the one whose name could not be spoken. Why ruin the illusion after all? F FOR FAKE (though titled ON FAKES within the film itself) is not strictly a narrative fiction film nor is it a documentary. It's a long filmic essay on fakery, art, markets, biography. Mortality. It's one of my favorite films, one I didn't see until I'd actually started work on QUEEN OF NO TOMORROWS. I wanted to see what I could pick up about forgeries and the art world to work into the book itself. If you didn't know already, QUEEN centers around the story of a forger of books who moves from copying to making originals, just to


Here it is, wrapping up the influence map I'd set up for QUEEN OF NO TOMORROWS. Remember, Tuesday is the big day. But you can still pre-order to make sure you don't forget in the holiday rush. X If there's a single band that sounds like LA to me, it's X. Granted, this is an artifact of me being as old as I am, but really it's about the soul of the band. Combining punk speed and rockabilly flourishes, gritty lowlife lyrics and soaring vocals to deliver these tales of rejection and woe and attempts to pull one's self out of the gutter, or of at least watching the fire of the old world burn out and picking something out of the ashes. Their first four albums are untouchable and sound like the ci


Another week, another look behind the messy works of QUEEN OF NO TOMORROWS. It's out in six days. Get your masks, kids! It's almost time! Pre-order QUEEN OF NO TOMORROWS right here. Or wait for Amazon. Here's the first of this week's slices. Yeah, one tomorrow or Friday. Special entry on the day the book ships. Watch for it! PRINCE OF DARKNESS I love John Carpenter's films. Not a shock, I'm sure, given my age. I was too young to watch HALLOWEEN and ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 when they first hit (and didn't see the former until cable and the latter until a VHS copy showed up at a local video store and my friends and I were in awe of this legendary object we'd gotten our hands on.) His work in the

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