I said it was for free, never that it would be on schedule. So yeah, been a little while. Oh well. Looks like I'm slated for a single panel and reading at FOG-Con coming up in a few weeks. I'll post the actual particulars once the time comes. Nothing changed in other convention appearances. Spent some time with the ART AND ARCANA collector's edition that I got for Christmas. My relationship with D&D, as is everyone's, is pretty personal stuff. I played some, mostly played other games with much more streamlined combat systems, so more like storytelling with randomness thrown in. Had a friend who made long, elaborate scenarios which he imagined were much more intelligence tests for us than act


Weird week last week, lots of chatter, but no blogging. Some quick stuff and some links then something more substantial maybe later on in the week. Arranged what looks to be the show schedule for this year. Lots of the usual suspects. FOG-CON (SF, CA) Hope to actually be on some panels for this one. And maybe even to have a chapbook version of THROUGH THE LIMBS for it. Not planning to be at any dealer's tables or anything, but if you see me at the show, hit me up. Emerald City Comic Con (Seattle, WA) Hopefully will be signing QUEEN OF NO TOMORROWS at the Broken Eye table for a couple hours a day on Fri-Sun. Won't be there Thursday. Otherwise walking around and taking in panels. Wonder-Con (A

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