Started on this a couple weeks back. Finished it today. I hesitate to call it a story. It's more a portrait. Too long for Daily Science Fiction, too short for much of anything else. Maybe you'll enjoy it. It's about consumer technology falling short. And other stuff. Scott sat there nervous at his workspace. It wasn't even a space, really, more like a section of flowing and elegantly curved table. It looked nice and sleek as a catalog entry, with clean lines that would never be covered with workstations and cables and half-eaten doughnuts and stacked Styrofoam cups. It looked good on paper. It looked great, a testament to not only the manager's taste, but their desire to reflect perfection i


Trying to remember if I used this title before or not. Probably, back when I was with another provider and then got in a fight with them about who actually owned the domain and kiss a little of that good free content goodbye, you know? Long enough back that nobody's going to complain that I recycled it, and if I did, fuck 'em. It fits. I guess maybe the problem is that I'm together enough to understand how fucked-up things are right now. In the past, I had enough distractions and everyday brushfires that it wasn't the issue that it is today. Never figured I'd get here, you know? 'Cause I believed that bullshit about persistence and hanging in there and everything will fall in line. Look, it'


I know. I'm supposed to do this regularly. Saw a thing on the Social Media Hustle Lifestyle and it said that you gotta keep up the posting frequency you started with. So if you're doing say five posts a day on Instagram, well you by god better keep posting that much every day or you're gonna slip in the metrics. You don't want your metrics to slip, well do ya!? Gotta be like a shark. Gotta keep swimming. Never stop. Gotta keep that brand alive. Which is why I'm back on Instagram. Yeah, I know. I may as well be on Facebook, too. Well I'm not. But you can check things out at hwy_62 on Instagram. Go ahead, hit me up. Let's see some numbers jump from this call to action. That's what I'm supposed

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