Hey there. Another piece of free fiction for you all. This one from MY DROWNING CHORUS, which will likely have to be cut in the interests of space, but honestly, I can't predict anything that's going on right now. As for the book itself, I'm on page 450 of a 400 page manuscript, you read that right. It'll be at least another 20 before I'm done. But I can't tell you anything more than that. Everything is up in the air and that includes even my humble works. Here's your story, about a night watchman named Gonzo and the haunted, closed-down aquarium that he patrols. Stay safe out there. -- Eliano Gonzales-Lynne usually went by "Gonzo," the name having been given him when he took on three of the


So, I came across this and maybe it's of some historical interest. Background. The year is 2003, and I'm a regular attendee of the San Diego Comic Con and it being the time of the nascent comics blogosphere and I'm writing things that I want to promote, I offer my labor for exposure. In this case, to Newsarama, which once was (and still is, I suppose) a daily website covering comics culture. I was also writing a free column for Broken Frontier back then, coming out once every two weeks. Anyways, this is me reporting on the Grant Morrison panel that took place at SDCC in 2003, when he was running full speed on NEW X-MEN (and it sneaked out on the floor that he was walking away from Marvel tha


So this here's a piece of fiction that I wrote for one of those anthology calls. Yeah, it didn't get accepted. You're as shocked as I am. It's a shorter bit of a much longer work called CINDY SAYS, but that title can still stick here. Yes, it's part of HAZELAND/QUEEN OF NO TOMORROWS. No, the photo above is not of the theatre marquee mentioned, but it's as close as I could get. Hope you enjoy it. Yes, there's a couple inaccuracies. You got me. -- CINDY SAYS Walter Tsang ran a bunch of three-car jam insurance scams out of an office on Seventh Street in downtown. Two confederate cars box in a third and both agree that the third one caused it. Worked a charm when you chose the right targets. The

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