POTD 02/19/20

Orinda CA, 2015. I was going to run with a photo of the Orinda theatre neon, but I figured that was too easy.

POTD - 02/18/20

From 1981. Taken on my mom's Pentax SLR (which I couldn't use any more even if I still had it because I can't focus a split-ring due to my vision -- that or I'd need coke-bottle-bottom glasses to do so.) I have the film negatives still. I think. But no prints, so this is taken from the contact sheet. And yes, this is the living room of the house I grew up in. Identify the following: Analog digital clock Louvered glass windows Suitably erudite reading materials Slide-selector cable box Fairchild Channel F game cartridges (think we got an Intellivision not long after) Radiation-producing cathode-ray-tube televised entertainment unit

POTD 02/17/20

Film shot, taken in the kitchen of my old home in San Diego, probably 1996.

POTD 02/14/20

Sorry, no Valentine's-themed photography today. Just a shot taken in North Hollywood in 2015 in honor of a scene I was supposed to write today but life kinda got in the way. Oh well.

POTD 02/13/20

I guess Dan was right. I just had to wait until I felt like it. Today's post inspired by ANNIHILATOR (1986), a not-good, but interesting pilot for a TERMINATOR rip-off television series shot in and around LA of the period. And then it gets kinda interesting and wild and probably could have gone places. Anyways, the Bonaventure was featured in a couple quick shots. Here's a photo I took of the place in 2016.

POTD 02/12/20

Los Angeles, 2016. From the observation deck of Griffith Observatory, very early in the morning.

POTD 2/11/20

San Diego, 2002. Though I don't trust that date. Probably 2001, maybe even the year before. Guy I knew from my job in LA moved down to downtown San Diego where I was living at the time. Built a lamp for his place out of empty pill bottles. Kinda neat, really. Taken with the Kodak DC290.

POTD 02/10/20

2004, the Isotope in the Sunset Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. I think this was taken early on in the evening of the Isotope Awards ceremony/party. Probably one of the first times I ever visited the shop. James (Sime) and I both have more gray hair now than then, but the love of comics still endures.

POTD 02/8-9/20

Weekends, amirite? Couple from 2005 in Los Angeles, back when I used to go there.

POTD 02/07/2020

Occurs to me I'm a day behind somewhere? Maybe? Oh well. Here's the 101 northbound leaving San Francisco, past the Marin side of the bridge.

POTD 02/06/2020

First iPhone photo to be run on the photo of the day feature, I think. iPhone 7 because the upgrade treadmill is not a thing for me. Anyways, it's a secret photo of my writing process. "What should I have them do next?" *intense stare* "Okay, but what about this plot branch?" *intense stare* "Any help on this thing I can't reconcile but can't remove?" *bite* "Too purple? I did spend a whole two paragraphs talking about a mixtape and what it meant to the character and really the totality of the moment." *indifferent stare* There you have it, folks! A glimpse behind the magic! What other clues can you tease out from this?

POTD 02/4-5/2020

Yup, forgot to post yesterday. Double post today. San Diego Comic-Con, 2007. Stumptown Comics Fest (as it was called by that name for a couple years still) that same year. Not the show floor, but a dinner after the show on Sunday, I think. Maybe Steve knows which restaurant this was. Chinese place. Had a section on the menu just for "Scallop and Frog."

POTD 02/03/20

2016, Rose City Comic-Con, and one of my favorite/most hated video game villains ever.

POTD 02/1-2/20

And that's how you beat palindrome day. Here's yesterday's photo, from 2016, taken in San Francisco CA. And here's the 02/02/2020 photo. Taken in July of 2016 at the California State fair in Sacramento. I always burn up a lot of shots on these every time I go.

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