POTD 01/31/20

Taken in 1992 or 1994 in Las Vegas, NV. Which means this is a film shot. We've always been watched, so long as we've had the means to do so.

POTD 01/30/20

San Francisco, 2004. Probably my second trip up there for APE that year, back when it was a plane flight to get to SF (that isn't the case now.)

POTD 01/29/20

2005, Sedona AZ. Not much commentary today. Under the weather and about to drag myself to the writing desk so let's see how that goes.

POTD 01/28/20

Taken 2006 near Folsom, CA. Only a million years ago.

LINKMIX 200127

Another week, another group of links. Do enjoy. "The Berg" by Richard Smyth, as recommended by Jamie Delano. Sort of science fiction about the past that's really about the now. A short and biting read. The Berg Appalachian Folk Magic in ESOTERIC online. http://www.esoteric.msu.edu/VolumeVIII/EsotericaVIII.pdf Haint blue and why it is, speaking of folk magic. https://www.theawl.com/2018/01/haint-blue-the-ghost-tricking-color-of-southern-homes-and-gullah-folktales/ 1971 trash crime DAY OF THE WOLVES via Del Dinosaur https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rF_-c7bAt_s&feature=youtu.be Lessons from the This Factory, via David Brothers, sort of a "Manufacturing Consent" for the content mill age. https://

POTD 1/27/20

2006, unnamed restaurant in the Gaslamp, San Diego CA. Taken during SDCC that year, back when I lived down there. Stopped going to the show in 2010. I'd like to go back one day. Maybe.

POTD 1/26/20

Another from Gardnerville NV, not far from where yesterday's was shot.

POTD 1/25/20

Gardnerville NV, earlier this month. I still need to work with this camera some more because I clearly can't control it properly.


Went to San Francisco yesterday, which is a more and more considerable trip every passing year, it seems. But I had good occasion to, as William Gibson was out speaking and signing copies of his new book AGENCY. I might do a fuller writeup on that later, but I'm sure it's being covered to death by your favorite popcult writers and posted last night, even. But me? I had a two hour drive home and to wake up the next day and reassemble myself. It's gonna take some time. But I did take pictures. Good light yesterday, especially if you were trying to capture the monumental. Wish I could've stopped and shot the city from Treasure Island, but that wasn't gonna happen. The sky was all clotted and ma


The name has changed a lot, let's just set that record straight. I started this whole thing out a bunch of years ago, with some malformed and half-baked ideas that haven't yet seen the light of day. Maybe they will. Things have turned around like that. But this really didn't get started until I submitted a story called "Chunked" for an anthology called TOMORROW'S CTHULHU, put out by an outfit that I'd never heard of before but would get to know a lot better, by the name of Broken Eye Books. Amazingly enough, that story got accepted and printed. Step forward about a year and a half, maybe two, maybe a touch more. I talked to the publisher about whether or not it was cool for me to do somethin

POTD 1/23/20

Running this one a little early, since I've got a weird schedule today. Taken at the Museum of Neon Art, back when they were downtown LA, not Glendale like they are now. Photo data says 2004, which tracks, since I lived a lot closer to LA then and could make it up there at basically a moment's notice.

POTD 1/22/20

Something different today. This photo actually shot by my daughter. Yes, that's me in my office being a gamer, playing WORLD OF WARCRAFT. I'm guessing this is 2007-2008 maybe. The camera in question was a bright orange literal toddlers camera. Wish I could be more specific. It was made of mostly rigid, but somewhat pliable plastic that felt something like I imagine a recently-dead body might. I never told her my feeling on that. Note the two comics splash pages hanging in front of me, one from an issue of THE FILTH (art by Chris Weston, writing by Grant Morrison) and one from the first issue of SEAGUY (art by Cameron Stewart, writing by Grant Morrison). Both are important to me still and han

POTD 1/21/20

Tustin, CA 2004. The airship hangar at Tustin airbase, which is a colossal structure whose scale is not effectively conveyed in this photo. Wonder if it's still standing? It was in 2013 when I went last, but they were clearing land around it. Ugh. That white point.

LINKMIX 200121

Another week of weird and wonderful links. Okay, mostly weird, at least in conjunction with one another. https://filmmaker.bandcamp.com/album/spectral You'll like it or you'll hate it. Kind of a fusion of late 80s EBM and current-day synthwave sounds, which shouldn't be a surprisng combination at all. LAist takes on an oral history of BLADE RUNNER. This from last November, given the whole Los Angeles, November 2019 thing that went around like wildfire. Still, worth a look or even a re-visit. https://laist.com/2019/11/05/blade-runner-november-2019-los-angeles-future-is-here.php The Vox AC100 website https://www.voxac100.org.uk Gosh, why would I like this site at all, I wonder. The City is Neu


Okay, so you may or may not know that I'm actually a writer. I'd say for my day job, but that'd be a lie. And I'm working on a follow-on to the weird-fantasy/crime book of mine that came out in 2018, QUEEN OF NO TOMORROWS. This one's called MY DROWNING CHORUS. And it's been kind of a doozy. I've managed to box myself in several times in the outline phase, but I think I've finally broken that, even if I don't know 100% of the answers to what's going on in the book. I'm hoping that those will be revealed to me as I actually, y'know, write it. Broke ground on Friday, started for real today. Here's a bit of what came out. Don't worry, no spoilers. I'm feeling like it went pretty well. Take it wh

POTD 1/18, 1/19, 1/20/20

Yeah, sorry, distracted this weekend. So, canonically, this is the photo entry for 1/18/20. Taken near Eloy, Arizona. Early, early morning during the monsoon season. Here's 1/19/20, taken at Rice Air Force Base (decommissioned) in, oh geez, probably 1988 or 1989. Possibly even earlier. Scan of a film print and yes, I'm so lazy, I didn't fix that error right in the middle of things. Hell, it might've even been on the print itself. And today's, 1/20/20. Taken in 1992, Joshua Tree CA, not far from the AFB depicted above. Scanned and used in the cover art for BLUE HIGHWAY, which received only an aborted POD release and has so far been impossible to find. I have seen copies for triple digits, tha

POTD 1/17/20

2006, San Diego CA. The USS Midway flight deck. Pretty good timing on my part. Taken with that FujiFinePix that I never did set the white balance right on. I can blame only myself.

POTD 1/16/20

2014, Fox Theatre in Oakland CA. Noveller opens for St. Vincent. Noveller puts on a great show. I do not stick around for the headliner.

POTD 1/15/20

Taken in Los Angeles, on an onramp to the 405 south in Culver City. Swarming question marks. Very dangerous. Approach with caution.

POTD 1/14/20

Because I told Richard Kadrey I'd post this one today, my favorite picture that I've taken in NYC. Went there back in 2014. Would like to go again, but life has not cooperated. This is, of course, the Chrysler building. I like the sort of O'Keefe on acid effect of the long shutter. This was taken with the Leica DLX, which actually got smacked against the ground during the trip and refused to work for a time. It eventually came back around.

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