Let's see, business first. 1) Hope you enjoyed "Ballgame," that short SF piece I had up here. It's gone though I'm sure it exists on some wayback type machine. It'll exist in an anthology that I'm planning on doing sometime next year, but I gotta figure all that out. With HAZELAND on what I hope to be a regular schedule, I want to plan around that. And I still have BLACK TRACE to run out there. 2) BLACK TRACE is likely going to be early next year. I know what I said about it being this year, but I want to do some kind of promotional push and that needs lead time. I know you're all disappointed in me, but no more so than I am in myself. 3) There is an old project now stirring, likely on a gre


"At least Dodger Stadium gets a breeze once in a while," the warder told me. He had rusty red hair and a dried-out kind of face. "You could be in Phoenix, kid. Hundred and ten with shade. You're lucky." He was the only human here. The rest of us were detainees. Couldn't call us prisoners because the law would've made them treat us differently. "Yeah, I'm made of luck," I said as I picked up one of the plastic work kits from the bench. It had been red once, but sunshine and scratches had muted it over time to an anemic bleached coral color. Coral bleached everywhere, why not here, too? Just that my luck was bad. As the box left its station, there was a downdraft of rotorwash and a hum as the


Stopgap entry this week, I suppose. Lots going on outside of stuff I'm obliged to self-promote. Two-day-drive through the plaguelands coming up because school is starting, don't you know. So it'll be like this week kinda doesn't exist. I do however, have some oblique news about a project that I thought was dead for almost ten years. Well, it was dead. But it is very much alive now, not through my own actions, but on the part of one of the artists involved. Which means I've moved to hire a second artist to fill out the bridge story. It's possible that the work could be done this year, haven't firmed that up yet. Not sure what the final thing will look like, but I'm working to get it to as man


Hey, if you're into atmospheric drone that sounds like folk music from the Plateau of Leng, check this out: https://worstward.bandcamp.com/album/ulaan-janthina-part-i It's pretty good. In other news, no BLACK TRACE chapter this week. There may be one next week. But really I need to solidify release plans, and, frankly, you've got enough to know if you want to keep reading or not. Though as I can actually see how many people have clicked on these previews, I do wonder if this whole move was simply a giant self-own on my part. Ah well. In cosmic horror news, I'm an official sponsor of the Outer Dark Symposium next week. Hopefully I might even attend next year or open my fool mouth on mic and s

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