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I hear they're not just for kids anymore.





Fair warning. Some of these are just at the pitch stage and there's not much to see.

God's been murdered and until last night, the only suspect has been chained up in Hell.

Tonight, he walks the streets of Smoketown.

Old-testament gangster horror.

In the year 19XX, everything in America is for sale.

Toné Akron is the last man who can't be bought.

Near-past SF/action and satire.

In 1984, there's cases the LAPD won't take. But Debora and Suzanna will.

Just because you're on the outside doesn't mean you don't deserve a fair shake.

Outsider mystery/humor/slice.

Blood and shadows in the old west.

Seth Collins tracks the haunted frontier trying to find the peace that neither he nor god will allow.

Western horror/dark fantasy.

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