Yeah, I'm a week behind, but between the world being on fire and Thanksgiving vacation, nobody's reading that premium free content. So let's jump into section 6 of the influence map for QUEEN OF NO TOMORROWS. (And don't forget, it's available on 12/11/18.) Razorwire Neon This is kind of the atmosphere of QUEEN OF NO TOMORROWS in a single image: the razorwire imposed over the neon, sharp materiality over a glowing and dreamlike series of images. This is a close-up shot taken at the Rialto Theatre marquee on Broadway a few years ago. It's one of the images that's stuck with me (indeed, it's the header on, which was the research tumblr that I set up when these stories


Back again for another installment. Just passed the halfway point (though I reserve the right to do one more with a subject that *isn't* on the map, but certainly informed QUEEN OF NO TOMORROWS. And as a gentle reminder, the book goes on sale in less than a month. Pre order here. Christian Death flyer Sure, Christian Death are just about the right time and place, but they don't show up in QONT. Though they would have been right at home at the Last Prayer club in its pages. I snagged this image as an expression of the cut-up and Xerox off approach of underground flyers at the time. And sure, I try and replicate that in photoshop now. Unfortunately, you can't just do that at your local Kinko'


Yeah, been a little while since you've gotten a fresh post. Just that canned content lately. But it's fresh to you, so just eat around the stale parts. We're well into the silly season for me. Starts at Halloween and really doesn't let up until Christmas. So of course I have a book coming out in the middle of it (December 11, to be precise). Maybe you've heard of it? THE QUEEN OF NO TOMORROWS - pre-order link here I'd love to say that most of my time has been spent in promotion for that. But honestly, I've done what I could. Threw out a lot of lines to podcasters and reviewers and don't have a hell of a lot to show for it. Hell, I had a tweet go Actual Viral and get something like 41k likes,


Another week, another entry on the QUEEN OF NO TOMORROWS influence map. Review the whole thing here. Don't forget to pre-order the book. Just over a month away! 2nd Street Mea culpa: I always mess up the Second Street and Third Street tunnels. The easy way to remember is that Second Street is the more glamorous one, with the rippling and highly specular tile work. You've seen it in BLADE RUNNER and THE TERMINATOR and a million other movies and car commercials. It's a visually arresting place, sure, but walking it is a daunting prospect. The car noise has nowhere to go but to echo along the walls, and while it's not deafening, it's harsh and abrasive. The smell isn't great either. Pretty sure

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