Third installment of my commentary on the influence map that I laid out for QUEEN OF NO TOMORROWS. The whole thing should wrap just in time for the book's launch on 12/11/18. Don't forget to pre-order. Pre-orders save lives! Here's the slice we're looking at today: Earl Caroll Theatre I found this place on one of my many research trawls and while the architecture itself was striking, what really caught my attention was the neon sign on the exterior. It was a great example of simplicity in design. And when I started working in 3D programs to make neon designs as elements for covers and the like, I re-created the sign, which took a little doing. The way I looked at it finally was like cartooni


Right, part two of the influence map for QUEEN OF NO TOMORROWS. It's due out on 12/11 and you can still pre-order ahead of the rush here. Old Dresses I should have kept better notes, but I didn’t, sorry. My impression is that this was a dress I found when researching the Rancho era of California history. Short form: after the rise of the Missions (which were still important, but not the focus of life they once were) and before the Anglo takeover of California (remember, it was a Mexican state and then an independent state well before it became annexed by the US) the families and the Ranchos divided up and ruled California and the dons lived like nobility. Mostly because they were. Ariela fan


First things first. I have a release date for QUEEN OF NO TOMORROWS. That being December 11, 2018. Pre-order now or wait until the last minute. Makes no nevermind to me. Now, onto our regularly scheduled content. Which I'm finding less and less satisfaction in writing these days. Digging out after the recent trip to Portland for the HP Lovecraft Film Festival and family stuff and my birthday all collapsing in on last week. Have gotten quite nearly nothing done, but that's about par for the course. Lots of little stuff that doesn't even add up to big stuff. Which is how books get done, really. Just keep tossing pages onto the pile until you can't anymore. But I'd like to take a few minutes to


Okay, well that took longer than I thought, but we're finally getting into analyzing that influence map I put up a couple weeks ago, over here. Note that it says "one of six" and that's a filthy lie. I'm spreading it out over eight weeks or so. Which, coincidentally, is about how far out we are from the release of QUEEN OF NO TOMORROWS. Remember you can still pre-order direct from the publisher right here. You'll also be able to get it from Amazon and Barnes & Noble, but if you order it from there, you need to promise to leave an honest review. They help a lot. Probably too much, but this is the algorithmically-derived world in which we live now. On to the influence map. I'll be taking it on

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