I used to be a pretty big fan of Quentin Tarantino, it's true. In the early 90s? It was hard not to. Okay, things got a little shaky after watching CITY ON FIRE, but RESERVOIR DOGS is not that film and vice versa. Sure, it would've been nice to get some kind of nod. I dug PULP FICTION a lot as well. Maybe it was the structure. Maybe it was the humor. The soundtrack certainly had a hand in it. The writing was sharp. Including probably the truest thing QT has put to film: "That's just pride fucking with you." And that's the real deal right there. Pride fucking with you. With me. See, me wrangling with a writing career (ha) has always been an issue. Namely my inability to even get arrested up u


I'll avoid talking about what's really important and instead talk about movies and other things. The really important stuff is too raw to touch on directly. Maybe I'll get back to it. Maybe it'll be suffused throughout all this. Recently caught ANNIHILATION on Amazon Prime. And as a quick aside before I dig into the film, I find Amazon Prime's programming way more compelling than Netflix at this point (I mean back catalog, both companies original offerings really don't blow me away -- I think this comes down to my problems with the expectations of form surrounding "prestige TV" as much as anything.) In terms of old movies, Amazon crushes Netflix. It's laughable how little competition there i


Spent the last week sick. Started on Tuesday morning with a tiny cough and by the end of the day, I was shivering on the couch. Didn't sleep that night as I was chasing things around in fever, complete wreck state by Wednesday. Didn't feel human until Saturday morning, but still mostly couch-ridden at that. Now it's just a dull sense of a combat boot laid on my chest and surprise coughing fits. Since I don't have much choice in the matter, I guess I'll take it. Worst part is I didn't even have any fevered visions or surprise insights as to how to fix the thing I'm working on, which surely needs fixing. Anyways, that sucked. I haven't had a flu take me out like that since I was animating up i


So in my starting on this new project, I've done more than my fair share of thrashing around. A lot. Way worse than QUEEN OF NO TOMORROWS. I guess the sophomore slump is a real thing. Or I'm letting it be real. Whichever. This has led me down some sorta dark paths. Some of them have a lot to do with stuff outside the book and me letting that seep in (dangerous -- don't do this). Some of them have to do with the way my laughable career is limping along (ditto). Some of them have to do with my own expectations on the whole process (tritto). Like this thing gets easier the more you do it. Ha ha ha. The problems just mutuate. In my desire to esqape from the quagmire, I've gone and done some ques

This week's links - 01/07/19

So in the interests of feeding the Howling Pit some, I'm going to include fun links that I've found in the recent now. Might even say a bit about them. We used to call this linkblogging back in the olden days. Maybe we'll come up with a new word for it now. Quake OST Here's the ambient soundtrack for QUAKE, from 1995 or so if memory serves. It was composed and performed by Trent Reznor/NIN (don't recall who got the official credit.) It's nice and claustrophobic, downright crawly at times. All of it driven by mid 90s sonic palette and filtering. I'm guessing it was probably done on a Mac as DOWNWARD SPIRAL was legendarily composed on a Mac IIc. Enjoy the trip in the wayback machine. Yeah, thi

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