Summer is withering in place as we speak, barely able to push out an eighty-two degree day here, out in the foothills where I'm used to ninety for this time of year and the kids telling me that I really should be picking them up closer to school. Instead, it's shade that's a little too cool and sun that's perfect to walk in. I'm expecting a last thrashing heatwave, like a fish that's been hauled in but isn't off the hook just yet, flopping around the bottom of the boat until it just gives up from exhaustion. Being consumed by preparation for Rose City Comic Con coming up in a couple of weeks. Worldcon was just a couple before that. I really don't have much to report on that, other than liste


Yeah, I know. I've been off for a little while. Late summer gets crazy. I know. it's not really late summer yet, but my kids just started back to school which means I can think about getting back into a sort of regular work schedule. Let's see. First big news is that THE QUEEN OF NO TOMORROWS is due for a December release (but you can pre-order now.) Here's a flyer you can get from me at Worldcon if you can find me there, commemorating the event. In theory, copies should be available for purhcase at the Rose City Comic Con in September. I'll be there, either way, wandering or at the Broken Eye Books table signing copies of QUEEN or TOMORROW'S CTHULHU. Hopefully can firm up plans on planned b

GASLANDIA - "A Fifth World"

Archiving this from the front page news, as I gotta make room for bigger and better news there. --- Happy new year, albeit belatedly. Biggest new news is as follows. The GASLANDIA anthology, featuring my short story "A Fifth World," is now available (as an ebook.) Follow the link to obtain to learn more. I'd say it's for sale immediately, but that doesn't appear to be the case. ​ UPDATE - It's available at Amazon: Click right here to order for your Kindle device. ​ As for the story itself, it's about the inability to find a place for one's self. This one just happens to be set in an alternate past, where FDR was deposed after a coup and the USA is at war with itself, thinking things were jus

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