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Went to San Francisco yesterday, which is a more and more considerable trip every passing year, it seems. But I had good occasion to, as William Gibson was out speaking and signing copies of his new book AGENCY. I might do a fuller writeup on that later, but I'm sure it's being covered to death by your favorite popcult writers and posted last night, even. But me? I had a two hour drive home and to wake up the next day and reassemble myself. It's gonna take some time.

But I did take pictures. Good light yesterday, especially if you were trying to capture the monumental. Wish I could've stopped and shot the city from Treasure Island, but that wasn't gonna happen. The sky was all clotted and marbled with a color that went anywhere from silver to saffron, faintly purple aerial perspective on the city reminding us that we are in fact living through times that will be talked about later on and perhaps not kindly. All taken with my trusty Leica DLX-5.

My ride into town.

Cyberpunk AF. The entire facade of this shuttered building was covered in silver spray paint like it was club night.

That is one custom sign.

v a p o r w a v e flotation and cryo clinic on Valencia. Honestly, I could've spent the whole afternoon there shooting the different shades of pink and blue.

Roxie theatre, which was showing PARASITE which I still have not yet seen and is not playing anywhere within fifty miles of me. The timing was not going to work out.

The Armory building on 14th at Mission.

t e x t u r e

William Gibson talks about the holy shit chain of events of 2016 to today and the half-assed Singularity and how serious science fiction authors told him in 1983 that everything he wrote about was bullshit because there'd never be enough bandwidth ever to support it. Who's laughing now?


Monuments implied.

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