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Weird week last week, lots of chatter, but no blogging. Some quick stuff and some links then something more substantial maybe later on in the week.

Arranged what looks to be the show schedule for this year. Lots of the usual suspects.


Hope to actually be on some panels for this one. And maybe even to have a chapbook version of THROUGH THE LIMBS for it. Not planning to be at any dealer's tables or anything, but if you see me at the show, hit me up.

Emerald City Comic Con (Seattle, WA)

Hopefully will be signing QUEEN OF NO TOMORROWS at the Broken Eye table for a couple hours a day on Fri-Sun. Won't be there Thursday. Otherwise walking around and taking in panels.

Wonder-Con (Anaheim, CA)

Not tabling, just walking. There Friday and Sunday. Planning on arriving early to see Southland folks and take photos, maybe take in the San Fernando Valley Museum if it's open when I'm there.

Bay-Con (SF, CA)

This is a maybe. Haven't registered for it yet.

Rose City Comic Con (Portland, OR)

Maybe tabling with Broken Eye for a bit, otherwise wandering and hoping to crash panels.

HP Lovecraft Film Festival (Portland, OR)

Planning on attending and signing at the Broken Eye table, assuming that happens. Even if that doesn't happen, would like to attend and maybe speak on panels if they're willing to accept an outsider perspective. What's that? Heterodoxy in cosmic horror?! Shocking.

If anyone reading this wants a weirdo perspective on a panel or to have me read or just take questions while enigmatically staring at the audience, then please, contact me. Even moreso if you want to cover travel costs. Yeah, that's the fun part. I get to pay to become free entertainment for folks at these shows. It's great!

Tired of the current project kicking my ass, but sometimes it works like that. Just like the kitten on your lap sometimes decides to go hog wild, grabbing your arm, clawing and biting it to death. It only hurts 'cause I want it to be good, you dig?

Okay, here's this week's and last week's links for your entertainment.

Educational films at the Internet Archive:

special callout - THE WAR GAME by Peter Watkins

Life in THE PERIPHERAL. Oops. I mean right here and right now.

Pedro Santos Krishnanda - via Empire of Dust on twitter - afrobeat madness

Fangoria Presents: HOLLYDOOM (OST)

The Temple of Set

The NSA and Michael Aquino and the Temple of Set

GAMES (1979) by Synergy

The definitive list of comic publisher guidelines

Looking at NYC street life in the 1970s

Nikon's Small World photography


Zauber's WAVES OF RESISTANCE, the playlist that got me into contemporary coldwave/goth back when I was heavy into writing QUEEN OF NO TOMORROWS.

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