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Linkmix 200113

Let's pretend I'm trying to get back to a kind of regular blogging schedule, aside from the whole Photo of the Day feature I'm running in 2020. Even if it's mostly just linkblogging, which as a practice, was utterly decimated by Twitter and its seductive immediacy.

Via tim maughan and Cliff Burns

by Philip K. Dick, an essay on the construction of fiction and reality and the forest of mirrors and sacred brands. Written in 1978, but still absolutely relevant today, because this is PKD we're talking about.

Via Chris Barrus on Twitter.

Like it says. Local news crew taking at look at LA working even in the early hours of the morning, back in the wilderness of 1978.

Yeah, it's all baked in.

Half the time these will be things I've read deeply and enjoyed, the other quarter of the time, they're for future reference but I don't trust my own bookmark files.

Hoping to drop an actual, substantive piece onto the blog later this week. Who knows what it'll be about? Probably something irritating, no doubt.

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