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Haven't done one of these in a long time, probably because I haven't written anything much longer than a short story over that period.

What you see below is, well, you'll see it.

You can call it a mood board or influence map or any number of things. It's between aspirational and actual, I'll grant you. Just like any time you ask a writer who their influences are, you're going to get a list of favorite things (which may or may not show up as influences on their work.)

This is a combination of a large number of pieces, as you can see (forty of them to be exact.) Now, are these all things that show up directly in QUEEN OF NO TOMORROWS? Sorta. Certainly the vibe of these things was what I was shooting for. Whether or not they actually came out is another thing, hence the aspirational versus actual.

So click and expand, enjoy the full size image and I'll be talking about each of these images in turn. Probably horizontal row by row.

Now if you want to guess about these things, note that ten of them are things I either designed or photographed myself, so you're not going to see them anywhere else. Some of these hints are pretty oblique as well, and some were chosen not because of an exact moment in the book, but because of the texture. (For instance, theres no William Wray paintings (as seen in the top left corner), but his landscapes really capture some of the atmosphere that I myself was fumbling to evoke in the book.

I hope to get to tackling this first row this week, but there's other stuff to deal with first.

Happy hunting.

Oh, and this should be mostly spoiler free, so don't be afraid of following along. It's all in good fun.

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