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Intrapanel: 180412

For those of you who don't know, Intrapanel was a project I started up about five years ago and ran really hot on. Not a surprise since it was an idiosyncratic and nonviable (from a financial and rights standpoint, even given fair use and interpretive works) project. Mostly I was using it as a diversion from a bunch of real-life things. Sometimes trash tastes good, y'know?

And sometimes it's not really trash at all.

Anyways, after limping along on Tumblr for a while, I'm moving it over here. Only it's going to be dramatically scaled-back, but hopefully on a consistent basis. Shooting for at least once a week, hopefully twice. One of the only drawbacks here is that tagging individual entries isn't going to happen. So if you're looking for "jack kirby" in the tags, well, you might have to dig a little further.

I have yet to break in the new camera on any of these, by the by. They're still shot on my trusty Leica DLX-5, which was a revelation in quality and ease of use. You might not know this, but my utilization of technology is pretty limited. Like any monkey, I learn just enough to get myself into trouble and let the machine do the hard work. Sometimes breaking the machine gets you interesting results.


1981, Marvel Comics

Roy Thomas writer, John Buscema artist, Tom Palmer inks, Sam Rosen letters

Reprints AVENGERS #70, 1976


1972, DC Comics

Jack Kirby writing and art, inks by Mike Royer


1996, DC Comics

Grant Morrison writing, Frank Quitely art, Tom McGraw colors, Ellie de Ville letters

Hey, what's weird and unusual about this one? If you guessed "glossy paper" you're right. The way I shoot these pictures, I'm constantly having to dodge around specular highlights and blowouts (unless that's the effect I'm after.) On most of the comics I shoot, that's only a problem for the covers. Newsprint (I know, it's technically not newsprint, but I'm using a convenience here) just shoots better and ends up with its own look. Glossy paper blows out if you look at it sideways. You won't see a lot of this here.

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