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Okay, dragging myself through the fog of broken sleep and dry-drunk pain medicine after effects to try and get something out there. Have to say, I'd rather be using bourbon to dull the edges. Maybe I'll go a night without and see where it gets me.

So I got EVENT RELATED ECHO out the door this week. Originally planned for around the date of my birthday a couple weeks ago now, but sidetracked for the unplanned medical event that has eaten about four weeks at this point, between the pain and the meds to address said pain and my inability to even fix my own meals for a good chunk of time.

Inside ECHO, you'll find nine stories, some pretty short, some very long. Two of them feed back into HAZELAND at fairly oblique angles, but the connections are there, if you look. A couple of them have appeared in their own volumes, and those might end up getting discontinued (though I like the cover I made for THROUGH THE LIMBS.) We'll have to see.

Here's the stories contained within:


The only thing more dangerous than being a telepathic spy is quitting the job.


Weaponized melancholy and the industries built up around it.


Don't kid yourself.


The apocalypse is not the end but a test.


There's more than one kind of zombie.


A Twilight Zone episode without a lesson.


The illusion of safety is a hell of a product.


What's written there is not the only word.


When the loss of sentiment applies even to titans.

It's also got a great introduction written by friend Costa Koutsoutis and an eye-melting cover by yours truly. Maybe consider a purchase and if you like it, a review afterwards? It's the price of a comic book and it'll take you ten times longer to read. Maybe more. Science fiction, horror, fantasy. They're all in there, just maybe not the way you were expecting them to be.

As for the rest of it, I'm still not quite back to work. I thought I was going to take a run at it this week, but trying to get the pain managed (and that's all you can do, just manage it) has been a tricky thing. First too little, and now maybe too much. Trying to find a happy medium has been nearly impossible. Both pain and fuzzy head are not conducive to getting work done. I'm going to be trying again tomorrow, but suspect it'll be a bit longer before I become useful again.

Such as, I was going to write up a thing about liking things and how it's fundamentally irrational no matter how much folks dress up in that garbage on the internet, demanding debate and "intellectual" exercise (yeah those are the scariest scare quotes you can imagine) to justify emotional response. There's a lot to explore there, but just considering it is exhausting.

So maybe I should just quit while I'm at least on the line of scrimmage. Go check out the book. I guarantee there's at least one story you're going to love. And maybe one you hate enough that it counts as love.

Catch you all next week.


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