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Yes, I make memes.

Only my memetic content is...unusual.

Also, it betrays what is probably best regarded as an uneasy relationship between myself and criticism/commentary/what have you.

And away we go!

I just made the above last week. Yeah. Getting real tired of death of the author being used as a way to sidestep responsibility of interpretation. I'll have more to say on this later on, but not in this entry.

Here's some Garth Merengi (no I've not seen the whole show, just the first episode, sadly.)

All in good fun, I promise.

Anyways, I've read a little Camus and that makes me smart or something.

Oh yeah, had fun with the "Is this..." guy, too.

And while not quite a meme, it's close enough.

Remember, kids. Sacred cows make for the best hamburger.

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