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POTD 1/22/20

Something different today. This photo actually shot by my daughter. Yes, that's me in my office being a gamer, playing WORLD OF WARCRAFT. I'm guessing this is 2007-2008 maybe. The camera in question was a bright orange literal toddlers camera. Wish I could be more specific. It was made of mostly rigid, but somewhat pliable plastic that felt something like I imagine a recently-dead body might. I never told her my feeling on that.

Note the two comics splash pages hanging in front of me, one from an issue of THE FILTH (art by Chris Weston, writing by Grant Morrison) and one from the first issue of SEAGUY (art by Cameron Stewart, writing by Grant Morrison). Both are important to me still and hang there to this day. Note also the Spacemen 3 tour poster with art by Chris Cooper (who I'm proud to call a friend) from the aborted PLAYING WITH FIRE tour of the US that never happened. Something about visa issues. Shocking. The Scenic/Lanterna tour poster isn't there anymore.

There's a few other tidbits to be picked out here. Enjoy.

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