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In the America of 19XX, everything is for sale.

Toné Akron is the last man who can't be bought.

For fans of SF action of a certain era. Okay, the eighties. But there's a lot more to it than just simple homage.

The first storyline, NIGHT EAGLES, tells the story of Toné Akron and his commando team, one of the highest-rated frontline shows being filmed during the last days of World War Short. The Soviets have been routed from the Aleutians, but they're launching a last-ditch attack on the United States with an experimental super-weapon. Toné and his men are dispatched to stop it, but what they instead find leads them to question not only the cause of the war itself, but who they're even fighting for.

Pages forthcoming. And yes, that's Lenin's head.

Here's the cover from an earlier version of the pitch, this launching the BENIGN NEGLECT storyline, which sees Toné Akron being sprung from the highest-security prison in the US to find out who's trying to destroy Edge City, one neighborhood at a time, and why.

Art for both these covers by Jok and Estudio Haus, who are working on the interiors as well (and I've worked with since STRANGEWAYS.)

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