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Blood and shadows in the old west.

STRANGEWAYS was my first graphic novel series, originally planned as a 4-issue miniseries from Speakeasy Comics, and if you've been around long enough, you know how that all ended up (hint: badly.)

STRANGEWAYS is the tale of ex-Union officer Seth Collins, making his way across the haunted frontier of 1868 America, driven by causes that even he is reluctant to examine or admit, confronted by evil taking shapes that he couldn't have even begun to guess at.

The first volume, MURDER MOON, came out in 2008. The short pitch is "cowboys and werewolves."

The second volume followed some four years later, after serialization at both Newsarama and Comic Book Resources/Robot 6. It's called THE THIRSTY, and as you might've guessed, the short pitch is "cowboys and vampires."

The third volume, in progress now, interminably, is called THE LAND WILL KNOW. It's "cowboys and the wrath of an uncaring God." Just kidding. I'd never do that, right?

Right now it's just the covers, but I'll put up some downloadable PDFs later. Lots to do still.

You can order copies of these, but not at Amazon. Got real tired of how they were treating me as a small vendor. I'll throw a link up to the Bigcartel store when I've got a moment. Oh, here it is.


MURDER MOON - Following a call for help from his estranged sister, Seth Collins and his partner Web head to the town of Silver Branch. Following a savage attack on their coach by something that seems more beast than man, Collins has to defend Web from a bloodthirsty mob out for quick justice. Stuck between the mob and an uncaring Sheriff, Collins is left to find the secret of Silver Branch alone, and survive the nights of the full moon, when the creature comes out of the shadows, hungry and unstoppable.

Written by Matt Maxwell, art by Luis Guragña, with art by Gervasio and Jok on the backup story "Lone." Covers by Steve Lieber.

THE THIRSTY - Immediately following the harrowing events of MURDER MOON, Collins heads west in pursuit of his still-missing sister. When he passes through a seemingly deserted, yet hostile town without name, he's confronted with a helpless prisoner trying to escape assailants who fear the sunlight and have set elaborate traps to ensnare others, feeding a thirst that defies description. Escaping the death-trap there, Collins and the lone survivor of Drytown seek refuge in Cedar Creek. But the evil that has taken everything from Drytown doesn't give up so easily.

Written by Matt Maxwell, art by Gervasio and Jok, with art on the backup feature "Red Hands" by Luis Guragña. Chapter illustrations and cover by Alex Sheikman.

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