Los Angeles, the eighties.
Cosmic mysteries
Weird crimes
Gothic rock

Cait MacReady is an ex-punk kid, ex-librarian and ex-forger of both rare and expensive occult volumes. What started as an experiment in creating her own, original work ended in a confrontation with the queen of No Tomorrows on the streets of Los Angeles and even in the storming skies above it.

Cait is finding out that the city she once thought familiar is slowly changing and that the color and wildness of the club crowds is drab and pale compared to what waits between words and worlds.

Written by Matt Maxwell and published by Broken Eye Books, the HAZELAND series tells stories of California slipping not into the sea, but a far weirder place entirely.

Starting originally with inspiration from the short story "Chunked" as published in Broken Eye's TOMORROW'S CTHULHU, Matt Maxwell weaves narratives of crimes and outsider cultures taking place in a world that once used to be ours.

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