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LINKMIX 200121

Another week of weird and wonderful links. Okay, mostly weird, at least in conjunction with one another.

You'll like it or you'll hate it. Kind of a fusion of late 80s EBM and current-day synthwave sounds, which shouldn't be a surprisng combination at all.

LAist takes on an oral history of BLADE RUNNER. This from last November, given the whole Los Angeles, November 2019 thing that went around like wildfire. Still, worth a look or even a re-visit.

The Vox AC100 website

Gosh, why would I like this site at all, I wonder.

The City is Neutral: On Urban Warfare in the 21st Century

I have to give this a read sometime but don't have the focus right now, nor have I for awhile. But still, I offer it to you.

Age your Content in Photoshop

Because age denotes authenticity.

David Hoffman talks to children of the Baby Boom in 1991.

Yeah, sure. It'll get an "Okay Boomer," but history is history.

And, finally. Remember TV movies? The original prestige television.

Yeah, that's the good stuff.

One day, I may yet get back to original work being posted here. Though I must say, that smacks of The Discourse, and The Discourse is a thing that's been coarsened and sharpened in ways that make it a lot less appealing.


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