So, it'll probably come as no surprise to you that not only was I a weird and awkward kid, but I loved UFOs. Yeah, shocker. When I was very young, I was in an organization called Indian Guides. Sort of a latter-day Boy Scouts. Let's not discuss the questionable assumptions about native mythology and culture that were baked into the bylaws. It was 1974. The world was vastly different in ways that are difficult to even grasp from 2018. But my given name in the group was "Sky Man" which was written in a fake cuneiform typeface and embedded in a red plastic arrowhead that I was given after formal induction. Of course, the rest of it was terrible because it was me trying to interact with other bo


I know. It's been a little while. Sorry. Real life threw a couple of big curveballs and it took a fair amount of time and energy to sort them out. The fallout from one continues, involving a big job that's fallen apart. That one's kind of a bummer, though it's also not a thing that I can talk about directly, sorry. Settling back to work, or attempting to. A familiar refrain, I know. Wanted to post a little thing about my upcoming novella from Broken Eye Books, entitled THE QUEEN OF NO TOMORROWS. You might've heard of it, or at least me chattering about it. Well, I can show you a little something new. Note that this is nothing near the final cover design, though the art is more or less set. M

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